Breast Feeding Problems

Truth be told, breastfeeding can be challenging. We are at times led to believe that breastfeeding will go perfectly and that it is easy, but sometimes the reality is very different. To compound the issue soon after birth moms are going through a rough time - lack of sleep, a newborn needing care, and of course their body having just gone through a major event. To say the least it can be challenging and it is important to understand that you (the parent) are not alone.

Multiple issues can occur with breastfeeding early on and if problems are encountered it is important to meet with a medical professional. Starting with your pediatrician or family practitioner (PCP) is always advised and they may refer on to a lactation consultant (LC). 

At Kids ENT of Indiana we usually see babies after the PCP or LC. Why a pediatric otolaryngologist? We are experts in the oral function and anatomy of babies. Dr Trigg has additional expertise in the field of breastfeeding problems. He ran a multidisciplinary breastfeeding clinic for a little over a year to identify and treat more effectively breastfeeding problems in babies. Since then he has seen and helped many babies and mothers. Taking a more comprehensive approach, the goal is to help your baby eat and grow. 

Issues can include: dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), technique, milk supply (too little, too much, or poor flow), oral anatomy variations (tongue tie, palatal abnormalities), over sensitive gag reflex or oral aversion, muscle weakness, reflux, nasal congestion, and just variations of normal (i.e. everything is actually OK).

Will add to this dialogue over time.

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