Pre-Op Instructions - Ears

Preoperative Instructions for Ear Surgery


Your child will be undergoing a procedure for the ears soon in the operating room. This is usually a quick procedure and your child will likely get discharged soon after getting done. The most important preoperative instructions are to not eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight the night before the surgery. This helps to insure that there is nothing in the stomach at the time of surgery - this is important because stomach contents can get vomited into the lungs - making a pretty simple procedure into a complicated one. Safety first!! The second most important instruction is simply showing up at the right time. We usually have lots of patients and want to make sure that no one waits - there are usually a fair number of things that are needed by the OR staff beforehand (including medical questions, insurance things, etc). Finally, you may have been instructed to pick up ear drops beforehand - no need to bring them - just keep them at home. If you didn't pick them up - might need to do that on the way home. 

We look forward to helping those ears!!

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